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my rough guide to the Mini 1959 - 2000

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Welcome to my Mini website

I'm known as Taffy (aka Darryl Turner), I was born 1967 and I live in the Rhondda Valley, South Wales, UK.  As a long-term Mini owner and life long Mini enthusiast, I decided to use the amazing history of the worlds greatest little car as the subject for my website project, so it would provide the basic Mini facts, information and images that I hope will prove useful to other Mini enthusiasts.

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    As the title suggests, my site attempts to offer a brief outline of the car voted by some motoring journals as the car of the twentieth century and by others as the greatest car of all time.  But unfortunately, due to time, available space and for not wanting to bombard visitors with endless text which could potentially put them off, I decided not to build a comprehensive website.  Well I'm not that creative and anyway I prefer to leave that sort of thing to the professionals.  But I believe my site does go some way to explaining just why the Mini was such a phenomenal sales success around the world, why it became the first truly classless car, what effect it had on Twiggy_Mini.jpg (28378 bytes)the motor industry and future car designs as a whole, how it became a world beater in all forms of Motorsport, the main factors that saw it remain in full production for over 41 years and why it's still a much loved enthusiasts car adored by people of all ages today and will no doubt continue to do so for many years to come.

    As you can see at the top of the page, there are 4 navigational buttons that will take you to the other pages that make up my website.  So to find out all about the genius called Alec Issigonis who created the Mini, click on "The Early Mini Years". Then there's also information about John Cooper, the famous racing car constructor who saw great potential in the Mini concept and who helped see it become a world-beater and a major success, so click on "The Mini Cooper" to find out more.  And finally take a quick look at the Mini through each decade of it's production life and beyond by clicking on "Mini Times".  Plus there's a whole host of amazing Mini images and a few Mini video's to see on each page of my site.  There's also some Mini facts to be found at the top of each page and not forgetting several great Mini links at the bottom of the last page too.  So I'm sure you'll find my site very interesting, equally very informative and well worth your viewing time so don't forget to add it to your favourite list! 





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Send me an e-mail and lets talk Minis.


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